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Our Daily Schedule

7:15-8:30 Morning Activities

8:30-10:40 Literacy and Content (Writing, Science, and Social Studies)

10:40-11:05 Lunch

11:05-11:20 Rocket Math

11:20-11:50 PAT

11:55-12:40 Specials

12:40-2:00 Math

2:00-2:30 Writing and Content

2:30-2:45 Dismissal

Specials Schedule P.A.T. Schedule
None A Day
P.E. B Day
Music C Day
Media E Day
Technology FDay

P.A.T. Schedule
A Inside Track
B None
C Playground
D Outside Track
E Inside Track
F Blacktop

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTQtSelZOa3LpevZvN9czPMVKA5Fgb6FrPPFwzm5v1K2_Tp0OJseg Important Dates:

January 17 Smithfield Spirit Day

January 20 Martin Luther King Holiday

January 21 Teacher Workday

January 22 End of 2nd Quarter

January 23 Third Quarter Begins

January 24 College Day

January 30 Report Cards Go Home

January 31 Recognition Ceremony


  • Please check your child's agenda daily.

  • If your child is absent, please send a note the day they return.

  • If your child is going home a different way than usual, please send a note or call the office to let us know!

  • Weekly Dolphin Folders will be sent home every Wednesday.

  • Please have your child return them by Friday.One side is for sign and return items and the other side is leave at home items.

Register to Volunteer in CMS
Thank you for volunteering to support learning and student achievement in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Below is an explanation of how we screen our volunteers and the procedures you will need to follow for volunteering.
Volunteer Screening
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools screens all volunteers to ensure the safety of our students. The screening includes completion of an online volunteer registration form and a criminal background check. Volunteer screening can also include interviews by appropriate CMS staff and reference checks.
We have three kinds of volunteer approvals: Supervised, unsupervised without driving and unsupervised with driving.
· Supervised volunteers will work under the direction and in the presence of CMS staff.
· Unsupervised volunteers may work with children without CMS staff present.
· Volunteers approved as “Unsupervised with driving” are allowed to drive children as part of their volunteer activity. Please note that volunteers who drive children must provide proof of insurance and a copy of their driver license to CMS Law Enforcement.
Volunteer Personal Information
When you register, you will establish a personal user name and password for your profile information. You will use this regularly to update your information and to log in your volunteer hours. Your profile information is available to the volunteer coordinator at the school(s) you select as your preferred school(s), CMS Law Enforcement and the district’s volunteer supervisor. We will not give your information to anyone else. After researching the safest way to store volunteer data, we have opted for a secure Web server not housed at CMS and used by many local banks. CMS also follows North Carolina laws limiting access to volunteer information.
Again, thank you for volunteering in our schools.
How to Register
Go to: www.cmsvolunteers.com
Center of page click New Volunteer? Click Here To Register
Complete information and submit