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Welcome to Mrs. Shah's Class

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Communication: My email address is: Wanda.shah@cms.k12.nc.us

I send home a weekly Wednesday Folder.In this folder I will place test papers to be signed and returned on the right and papers to keep at home on the left. Please return these folders by Friday.I communicate with my parents through agendas, Wednesday Folders, and emails.

Homework Expectation:Third Grade Teachers have created a new homework sheet for your child. It is a Literacy/Math sheet to be completed by Friday. The math part contains practice on all skills taught this year. The Literacy section is composed of grammar and word skills.
Once we go over the entire homework sheet on Friday, your child will have an assessment based on what was completed for homework to show skills were mastered.
Nightly reading of 20 to 30 minutes is required. I can not tell you how important it is for your child to read a variety of literature, fiction/non-fiction.
Nightly drilling of multiplication tables are necessary. As a suggestion, I would have your child master the 2s, then learn the 5s, then mix the two, then move to the 10s master them then mix 2,5,and 10s. Master the 3s, then a mix, master the 4s then mix, master the 6s, mix, 7s, mix, 8s, mix, 9s, mix, 11s, mix, then master the 12s and practice them all together.
We will begins our timed tests for mastery of tables the week of February 17. We are a little behind because of the snow.